Automatic Backups With Restic

3 minute read Published:

How to automatically backup with restic

Backups should be automatic - fire and forget. This guide shows you how it is done!

Organizing DotFiles

2 minute read Published:

How I organize dotfFiles

Sometimes the need arise to organize and versionize your dotFiles. Meaning the configuration that hangs around in your home folder a.k.a. ~ or in .config. Today I read a solution with wich I totaly disagree.

A SystemD Unit for IPFS

2 minute read Published:

Writing a SystemD Unit for IPFS

IPFS or Interplanetary File System allows you to distribute Files and thus Websites and Videos over a distributed Net much like the Torrent Network. In order to use it on your machine you have to compile it manually or use a precompiled Version from the website. However the Binarys and the github Repo are lacking a SystemD unit file.