Week 02 23-26

written 2023-02-26

The Week from 22nd to 26th February 2023 where I pondered about the coevolution of carbon and silicone based systems


  • I decided to get a new training plan, switching from strong lifts to more endurance.
  • Trying to get a quota for solar panels, they are hard to come by these days
  • Don’t forget to add hx-headers='{"X-CSRFToken": "{{ csrf_token }}"}' to your html body to always have a csrf token for your htmx requests in Django
  • I am trying to get back into meditation

Posts I read

Books I read

  • The Time Machine — Really imaginative for 1895, but the end was not well paced

Other Media

  • The Consultant (TV Series) — Christoph Walz carries the whole Series. I enjoy it!

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