Weeknotes March 19 - 26

written 2023-03-26

The Week from 19th to 26nd March 2023 where I am taken over by the singularity


  • The MoodleAPI is a purple opium-fueled Victorian horror. I would stay away from it, when I could.

  • To create an arch package from a deb package, you can use debtap

  • ChatGPT recommended Distant Worlds 2 to me. Well, I will give it a shot! Remember how is creating a recommendation engine was serious work? Well, not anymore.

Posts I read

Books I read

The E-Myth

The E-Myth — Firstly, the writing style needs improvement. It has been outdated since Plato’s time and comes off as condescending. This is the epitome of mansplaining.

However, the content is good, primarily focused on transforming a small business into an enterprise. The author’s approach is to act as an enterprise, even if the business is still small. Similar to the concept presented in “Buy back your time”, the emphasis is on envisioning the end goal and working backward from there.

Another significant idea is to create systems (in line with Luhmann’s system theory) to alleviate the need for individuals to constantly think about the process and ensure reliable results. Much of this approach can be found in the ISO 9001.

SPIN Selling

I was recommended this book as a technical guide on sales for technical people, and in this regard, I found it most fitting. It clarified some old clichés and recommends that first, you find out what your customer needs by asking Situation Questions, the S in SPIN. These questions aim to identify the customer’s current situation and where they are experiencing problems, the P. Once you understand the customer’s situation and problems, try to grasp the implications of these problems and make sure the customer understands them - but only for problems for which you have solutions. Now present your product as the solution to their problems. By doing so, you meet the customer’s Needs. However, it would help if you were aware that the problem the customer has must be a need, not just a preference. Problems can be transformed into needs if the implication step is done accurately. This approach is excellent, in my opinion, if you want to establish a rapport with the customer, where you listen to and try to genuinely help them, rather than only selling something.

Other Media

  • Distant Worlds 2 | It’s a space empire simulation, something like a space opera unfolding. There’s less direct control than Stellaris. I love how there’s a civilian sector that you don’t control, but it does all kinds of work for you.

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