Weeknotes March 05 - 12

written 2023-03-12

The Week from 06th to 12th March 2023 where I return from a retrofuturistic trip from the end of the universe.


  • A royal pain in the butt is working in a team where someone uses windows and the line separators won’t match up.
  • “It’s rarely doing the work that is hard, it’s starting the work. Once you begin, it’s often less painful to continue working. This is why—in the beginning—it is often more important to build the habit of getting started than it is to worry about whether you are doing enough.”
  • Ikea’s furniture became easier to build.


So I started https://time.bithive.space. The Timetracker I use is called Timetagger and it allows you to tag you time — nice pun — It solves some problems I have with journaling: the function started earlier. I catch myself all the time jumping to a different task and thinking; damn when did I start this task? The timetracker helps me stopping one task, reorganizing and then if I am doing something completly diffrent start tracking it again. And having my timetracking located somewhere else, I feel different about using this page. Writing down my own thoughts really helps.


@Milan also opened https://tomes.tchncs.de/ which in turn is a Space for Books. So I also can unload my note app from this. But should I? I guess taking notes on books is still the place there, but I will have to somehow change my work style since I will turn away from just chronistical writing to more Notetaking and or Imagenative writing.


Progress on the progress? Not so much. Jorunaling is going strong.

Posts I read

Books I read

  • Accelerando | Amazing book and given it was published 2005 it is more on point than ever. The futuristic aspects from the beginning feel like only some years away from now while containing some nostalgia like terms as ‘slashdoted’. And it contains cats.

Big thanks to @shezi for recommending it!


Other Media

I tried Minetest, real old school minecraft vipes but different!

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